Handy tools for visual representation.
Source: VisualComponents


A modifed Canvas to enable feature such as ZIndex managing and scrolling.
Source: ModifiedCanvas

  • OnVisualChildrenChanged(DependencyObject visualAdded, DependencyObject visualRemoved)
    • Eventhandler from the Panel class which will be executed if an UIElement is added to the Panel. If the added element is type of IRouting then the canvas add an event handle; the event handle is used to update the canvas for the ScrollViewer which is wrapped around the canvas. If the element is type of IZOrdering the element will be appended in an LinkedList which is used for the managing of the ZIndex property.
  • MeasureOverride(Size constraint)
    • Enables scrolling with the Canvas class. It calculates the size of the content which is needed for scrolling. The LinkedList is converted to a List; each element has a index in the list this property is used to determine the ZIndex value of the element. (The conversion is needed because the LinkedList has no indexation)
  • RequestZIndexModification(ModifiedCanvas panel,IZOrdering obj, ZPaneRequest req) (static)
    • test
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