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Welcome to the CrypTool 2.0 developer trac

This wiki contains relevant information with respect to the CrypTool 2.0 project. For instance, you'll find here the necessary information for accessing our source code by using SVN.

Our trac is also a "window" into the CrypTool 2.0 source code. With the "Browse Source" button above you can browse our source code without the need for installing a SVN client. If you found a bug, or you have a feature request, please feel free to submit a ticket with our ticketing system by pressing the "New Ticket" button from above. When you press the "Timeline" button from above you'll get the latest activities with respect to source-code or wiki changes. This way you can follow closely the development of this project.

Additionally it should be used as an platform for sharing information between the different developers and partners working on this project at different locations.

See AboutTrac to get more information about trac. For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

Project Organisation

Developer Information

If you just start developing isome part for this project, you probably have a lot of questions how you should do this or that. That's why we putted togehter some How-Tos and some guidlines. Naturally you'll start by installing an SVN client and trying to checkout our sources. All information in order to do so, you are going to find in our Developer guidelines.

However, doing a checkout of our source code is probably the easiest step. If you want to add, for instance a new plugin, a lot of new questions will arise. Check out the plugin howto which is linked below.

As a summary, here are the quicklinks for all articles you need to get started:

Quality Assurance