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    2121If you just start developing isome part for this project, you probably have a lot of questions how you should do this or that. That's why we put together some How-Tos and some guidelines. Naturally you'll start by installing an SVN client and trying to checkout our sources. All information in order to do so, you are going to find in our [source:/trunk/Documentation/Developer/PluginHowTo/HowToDeveloper.pdf Plugin Developer Manual].
    23  * Develop a new plugin
    24   * [ How to start] -- Brief introduction and link to Plugin template
    25   * [source:/trunk/Documentation/PluginHowTo/HowToDeveloper.pdf Plugin Developer Manual] -- retrieve source code and create a new plugin from scratch
    26   * [wiki:IPluginHints IPlugin hints] -- useful hints and guidelines for plugin creators
    27   * [wiki:AttributeUsage Attribute usage] -- howto use the different necessary and optional attributes (''outdated'')
    28   * [wiki:ICryptoolStreamUsage Using ICryptoolStream] -- howto use ICryptoolStream to pass data between plugins
    29   * [wiki:Internationalization Internationalizing plugins] -- howto support different languages
     23 * [ How to start] -- Brief introduction
     24  * [source:/trunk/Documentation/PluginHowTo/HowToDeveloper.pdf Plugin Developer Manual] -- describes in detail how to retrieve the source code and create a new plugin
     25  * [source:"/trunk/Documentation/CrypPluginTemplate/CrypTool 2.0" CrypTool Plugin Template] -- for use with Visual Studio 2010 ([source:/trunk/Documentation/CrypPluginTemplate/readme.txt Readme])
     26 * Guidelines and hints developing a new plugin
     27  * [wiki:IPluginHints IPlugin hints] -- description of IPlugin interface
     28  * [wiki:AttributeUsage Attribute usage] -- description of necessary and optional attributes in use with IPlugin interface (''outdated'')
     29  * [wiki:ICryptoolStreamUsage Using ICryptoolStream] -- how to use ICryptoolStream to pass data between plugins
     30  * [wiki:Internationalization Internationalizing plugins] -- how to support different languages
     31  * [wiki:VS2008Profiling Visual Studio Profiling] -- how to use VS profiling to find performance and memory leaks
    3032 * [wiki:ProgrammingTips Programming tips] -- general programming tips
    3133 * [wiki:FAQ FAQ] -- Frequently Asked Questions