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This page describes how to update the CrypTool 2 Plugin template for Visual Studio.

  1. Open the trunk developer solution (not core). There's a project in CrypPluginsExperimental → CrypPluginTemplate.
  2. Make sure the CrypPluginTemplate compiles and is up-to-date. This is the number 1 example project being viewed by new developers, so write clean code and don't use any stupid hacks.
  3. Click File → Export Template...
  4. Select Project template and search for CrypPluginsExperimental\CrypPluginTemplate from the unsorted list box.
  5. Open with any text viewer CrypPluginsExperimental\CrypPluginTemplate\TemplateDescription.txt (not included in VS project on purpose, you need to use Windows Explorer).
  6. Copy&paste Template name and Template description from the text file into the dialog.
  7. Select cryptool.ico as Icon Image and TemplateImage.png as Preview Image (both files located in CrypPluginsExperimental\CrypPluginTemplate).
  8. Copy the newly created zip file in SVN to Documentation\CrypPluginTemplate\CrypTool 2.0
  9. Copy the newly created zip file on cryper to /usr/local/www/apache22/data/cryptool2/downloads/template/CrypTool 2.0 The file is linked by CT2 developer website.

If there have been major changes, you may want to update the Plugin Howto as well. It is located in Documentation\PluginHowTo and the new PDF file shall be uploaded on cryper to /usr/local/www/apache22/data/cryptool2/downloads/howto/HowToDeveloper.pdf.

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