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This page lists open tasks which can be performed by students with no previous experience with CT2. The proposed tasks are grouped into the following categories:

  • Thesis -- tasks which may be suitable for a bachelor, master or diploma thesis.
  • Project -- tasks which probably require an effort of a couple of weeks, but which do not qualify as a thesis topic. Tasks may be combined to a single project if one task proves to be less comprehensive than expected.
  • Week -- tasks which can be performed within one or at most two weeks, for example as homework or as test task to figure out whether a candidate is qualified to perform major CT2 tasks.

Note: The grouping is a rough estimation to collect ideas. Before assigning a task it's the tutor's duty to verify whether the task actually is suitable for the student.

Thesis tasks

  • MD6 implementation (Spec)
  • MD5 collider
  • Visualization and advanced cryptanalysis of Enigma
  • Create a simple editor, which resembles the classical interface of CrypTool 1.
  • SIGABA encryption and visualization
  • Any hash function from SHA-3 contest, for the weak ones preferably with an attack sample (overview)
  • Vignere-Autokey and cryptanalysis

Project tasks

  • Concept for (semi-)automatic plugin testing
  • 64 Bit support (see also #9)
  • Network sniffer (#32)
  • HexEditor (#11)
  • Replace commercial WPF components with open source ones (Dock, Ribbon, Navigation)
  • Authoring tool for online help (#4)
  • Full Internationalization / Localization (related to #63)
  • Create all cost functions used in enigma as plugins (i.e. entropy, log2-trigrams..)
  • Enhance the frequency test with a tabular presentation (similar to CT1) and a comparative feature: two text-inputs should be compared, the primary one is displayed as a chart, and the color of each bar is green if it matches the second input and red if not (and the entire color-span inbetween for matching values from good to bad). In case no secondary input is provided, standard english or german should be used for comparision
  • TextEditor (AvalonEdit)

Week tasks

  • Create plugin similar to Substring (or enhance Substring) which cuts CryptoolStream and/or byte[] (see CRC32-sample for usage scenario)
  • Check whether the plugin templates work
  • Create ButtonTrigger plugin which fires a bool output when user clicks a button
  • Create regular expression plugin(s), for example match and replace (see System.Text.RegularExpressions)