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Each plugin which is intended to be included in the CrypTool2 release setup, must fulfill the following requirements:

  • the plugin is running stable (no uncaught exceptions, no known defects, no ongoing development which changes the publicly visible behaviour)
  • a project sample is delivered and runs without errors
  • a XAML description is provided
  • all text strings shown to the user are internationalized, a German and an English localization is provided (please note: not yet fully supported by CT2 core components!)
  • it has been tested succesfully

Plugin Description

The XAML description shall use the following structure:



Each plugin must provide at least one unit test. The minimum requirement for this test case is the following: for a given input/output pair the plugin algorithm shall be fed with the input values and the output values shall be checked whether they have been calculated correctly. The source of the input/output values shall be provided as text comment.

More sophisticated tests (multiple test cases, exhaustive data input, high coverage tests, gui tests) are desired, but not mandatory.

The test case shall use the same mechanism as the other existing test cases (see project DevTestMethods).