wiki:Image-Processing for CT2

Discission- and Projectside of the sub-project "Image-Processing for CT"

Which Wrapper are we going to use for OpenCV?

EmguCV, OpenCVdotNET, ShaperCV, OpenCVSharp, ...


Seems to be the recommended one (Believing stackoverflow). Seems to be licenses in GPL:


Alternative I found, no time to look into it yet though:

All in all, how do we want to proceed? I'd say we need a decision soon if we want to get something done until Thursday. Do we want to set up some IRC Channel or so for live communication?

Maybe we should meet? Either tomorrow or wednesday. So we can discuss everything and work together on it.

Re: EmguCV

I tried Emgu and it works for me so far. I think it is ok if we wait until Thursday. We could just discuss who tried what and adjust how we go on from there.

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