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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) by Developers

On this page we have collected some of the most common errors and problems that have been encountered while developing and using this project. This includes compilation errors as well as run-time exceptions.

Issues with opening the solution

Q: My VS cannot open the CrypWin.exe because the type of project (.exe) is not supported. What am I doing wrong?

A: First of all, you need to have the MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition. If this applies to you, rerun the setup and add some things you do not have installed yet. We currently don't know which part has to be installed to be able to load .exe files, but installing the C# AND the C++ environment should do the trick.

Compiling issues

Q: It does not compile due to a missing file. What can I do?

A: Please check if the missing file is where it is supposed to be. If it's not there, then file a ticket or tell us in our group chat. This should not happen. However, if it IS there, then check if the total path length of this file (including its name) exceeds 256 characters -- this can happen when you checkout in a very deep directory. If it exceeds this length you have to move the whole source code directory into a less deep directory, such as directly to C:\CT2-Repository\

Q: I get a SplashScreen error when trying to compile CT2. What gives? (German example: "Der SplashScreen-Parameter wird von der MarkupCompilePass1-Aufgabe nicht unterstützt. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass der Parameter in der Aufgabe vorhanden ist und dass es sich um eine festlegbare Public-Instanz-Eigenschaft handelt.")

A: You probably do not have the .NET Framework SP1. Run Windows Update to install it.

Runtime issues

Q: Everything compiles smoothly, but when it starts, a System.TypeLoadException with a message about the SplashScreen appears. What's not working right?

A: You did not install .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1, which has been a necessary pre-requisite to start CrypTool 2.0 for several versions now. Thus, you should install .NET 3.5 SP1, which is available directly from the Microsoft website.

Q: Is it possible to open a specific workspace (.cte) when I start CT2 so I don't have to open it manually all the time?

A: Sure, just open the CrypWin.exe properties and add the path to your .cte in the Command Arguments section. Don't forget to put your path in quotation marks if it contains spaces.