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Mailing list

Note to anonymous users: Replace '...' with the domain name

There is also a mailing list for discussion among CrypTool 2 developers. If you'd like to join, send a mail to listmanager@… with the following subject:

subscribe ct2-dev

To send a message to all subscribers, send a mail to ct2-dev@…. All messages sent over the list are automatically tagged with the string "[ct2-dev]" in the subject, so you can create filter rules in your mail program if you like to.

If you'd like to leave, use the following subject:

unsubscribe ct2-dev

Please note, that the subscribed address and your From-address in your email program must be identical, or the unsubscribe attempt will fail. If you're subscribed with another address (for example if we added a subscription for you with a * alias), please contact ct2-dev-owner@… in order to unsubscribe a foreign mail address.

There is currently no web interface to the mailing list.