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    11= Contact us - chat with us =
     3== Skype ==
    35In order to communicate over affiliation boundaries, we use skype in the !CrypTool 2.0 project. The following public channel (disccusion groups) exists mainly for developers. Hence, if you're a developer and want to contribute to the !CrypTool 2.0 project, you should join our skype discussion group in order to always stay up-to-date about the current state of the project. Clearly, you may also join the chat if you are just interested in some technical details - most of the times there is somebody online who is able to help you.
    1012Hint about skype public chats: There are '''two''' ways how to leave/close a chat you're currently on. If you simply close the window, with the ''X'' in the upper right corner, you just closed the window, but you stay joined in the channel. Hence, if somebody types a message, the window will open automatically. However, if you press the ''Leave'' button (also in the upper right corner), then you really leave the channel, and you'll miss everything what's going on afterwards (until next join). Hence, the preferred way should be, to simply close the window (not leave) - this way you get a nice history of all ongoing discussions. Additionally, you should mark this chat as a ''favorite''. By doing so you can access it easily at any time.
     14== Mailing list ==
     16There is also a mailing list for discussion among CrypTool 2 developers. If you'd like to join, send a mail to with the following Subject:
     18subscribe ct2-dev
     21To send a message to all subscribers, send a mail to All messages sent over the list are tagged with the string "[ct2-dev]" in the subject, so you can create filter rules in your mail program if you like to.
     23If you'd like to leave, use the following subject:
     25unsubscribe ct2-dev
     27Please note that unsubscribing works only for the From-address of your email. If you're subscribed with another address (for example if we added a subscription for you with a * alias), please contact in order to unsubscribe a foreign mail address.
     29There is currently no web interface to the mailing list.