wiki:CrypTool 2 Enhancements for HiCrypt

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The purpose of this site is to collect ideas and requirements for extending CrypTool 2 to support the HiCrypt community:

Extension ideas for CrypTool 2:

extend existing components:

  • language statistics for ALL classical cipher analyzers [Nils] (compare with Bea's statistics)
    • German, English, French, Spanish <- already available
    • Latin, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Slovene, Swedish [Bea]
    • How to download additional statistics not included in the installer? [Nils]
    • Why do we need a lot of MB for good statistics? [@ask Eugen, George]
  • query Bea´s cipher database (DECODE) in CT2 ; 1st version: external browser [Nils] <- idea: open webpage using startcenter in CT2
  • possibility of using different alphabets with all analyzers (mono alphabetic subst analyzer) [Armin]
  • fixing/changing symbols during the analyses (interactive part) --> what did others? check! [Armin]
  • support UTF-8 with every relevant component [Armin, Nils]
  • extend existing transcriptor with UTF-8 -> nice to have! [Nils]
  • using different languages during analysis <- nice to have! multicheckbox
  • add better transcription methods in CT2 -> nice to have! [Nils' student]

add missing components:

  • homophone cipher analyzer [Armin]
  • codebooks/nomenclature analyzer (george?) [Nils]
  • component to detect type of cipher [long term] [clever person]

General questions

  • which type of cipher do we have to break? [Bea]
  • is CT2 suitable for historians? is it too difficult? [Test in workshop @ HistoCrypt]