CrypWin.exe supports the following command line arguments (applies for CrypStartup.exe as well):

  • -silent: hide log messages and status bar
  • -nosplash: hide splash screen
  • -peer2peer or -p2p: automatically connects to the P2P network with the stored settings at startup
  • -demo: enable Demo Mode controls (shown in MainWindow ribbon bar)
  • -test: enable Test Mode controls (similar to Demo Mode, but saves log file with errors and does not loop)
  • -autostart: automatically play workspace after startup
  • -noupdate: disables update function
  • -GenerateDoc: Only generates the online documentation and terminates.
  • -GenerateComponentConnectionStatistics: Only generates the component connection statistic XML from the available templates.
  • -GenerateFunctionList: generates function lists (csv and txt files containing lists of all components)
  • -ResetConfig: reset user-specific application configuration to defaults
  • -lang (de|en): set UI language
  • -CryptoBenchmark: enables "CryptoBenchmark" mode - allows some crypanalysis compononents being benchmarked using special evaluation components (evlauation components not in CT2 standard components - thus not being delivered in nightly build/beta/release) - switch enables input/output connectors and settings, which are otherwise hidden
  • arbitrary string not starting with dash (-) will be interpreted as project filename and loaded after startup
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