Version 10 (modified by Matthäus Wander, 11 years ago) (diff)



  • Send mail to ct2-dev
  • Check whether cte projects still work (feature #130 may be helpful for this)
  • Check whether cwm projects still work
  • Cache length/position
  • Implement cleanup of outdated temp files (in case of crashes or similar)


  • Create CStream branch
  • Design, implement and document ICryptoolStream
  • Migrate all existing plugins in branch to ICryptoolStream
  • Merge CStream branch into trunk
  • Update Plugin Howto
  • Clarify whether undocumented WorkspaceManager constraint "plugins must call OnPropertyChanged on inputs to consume tokens" interferes with current ICryptoolStream usage in plugins
    • Yes, it does. Constraint will be removed.
  • Check whether any plugin is new or has been left out in migration
  • Merge missing plugins:
    • AnotherEditor/SWS: SubWorkspace.xaml.cs, TunnelInput.cs, TunnelOutput.cs
    • PlayfairAnalysis
    • PlayfairAnalysisStatistic
  • Remove obsolete CryptoolStream
  • Fix QuickWatch in AnotherEditor