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(edit) @830   12 years kopal some small changes in the description of the SDES plugin
(edit) @819   12 years Sven Rech added dual core support for keysearcher (not perfect yet)
(edit) @761   12 years kopal renamed "blocksize" to "bytesToUse"
(edit) @744   12 years kopal - KeySearcher now has a first QuickWatchPresentation - SDES now works …
(edit) @743   12 years kopal SDES presentation finished
(edit) @742   12 years kopal working on SDES presentation (added decrypt part)
(edit) @733   12 years kopal - KeySearcher now can brute force SDES - added KeySearcher Sample with SDES
(edit) @732   12 years kopal - QuadraticSieve: corrected spelling error - SDES: can now be used by …
(edit) @731   12 years kopal started creation of SDES Presentation
(edit) @726   12 years kopal cleaned up the source code of SDES (added comments header for each …
(edit) @717   12 years Sven Rech some KeySearcher changes
(edit) @716   12 years Sven Rech added ProgressChange to KeySearcher
(edit) @715   12 years kopal changes on KeySearcher and SDES (still not running correctly)
(edit) @705   12 years Thomas Schmid - added new IControl event IControlStatusChangedEventHandler
(edit) @683   12 years Matthäus Wander SDES: * minor fix
(edit) @677   12 years Sven Rech some KeySearcher updates (but still doesn't really work)
(edit) @676   12 years Sven Rech KeySearcher is now able to try all keys (only works properly with …
(edit) @573   12 years Matthäus Wander created new beta setup 3554
(edit) @513   12 years nolte Changed the Cryptool into CrypTool as wished ;-)
(edit) @506   12 years nolte New Apache License added ("Team Cryptool Projects")
(add) @492   12 years kopal add SDES plugin
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