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Sep 14, 2009, 2:12:27 AM (12 years ago)
Matthäus Wander

Added new concept of central data files:

  • added new directory "Data" to CT2. It may consist of several subdirectories with different types of data. Currently there is only "wordlists".
  • Plugins can use new class DataManager to automatically loads a list of all available data files of a given type.
  • for each data file there may be an optional file with metainformation. This metafile must have the suffix ".metainfo" to a given existing file name (including file extension).
  • the metafiles are simple text files with a "key=value" format
  • all keys are read by DataManager and made available via class DataMetaFileInfo
  • the user may add additional wordlist files without any code or configuration changes
  • DataManager was ought to be part of CrypCore but it uses the Tokenizer which is part of CrypPluginBase. Therefore the DataManager has been moved to CrypPluginBase for now.


  • changed Dictionary to use the above DataManager concept
  • added new string[] output
  • marked existing string output as deprecated


  • changed dictionary input to use the string[] property
  • adapted project sample to use Dictionary instead of FileInput


  • added QuickWatchView of any array type as text

The deployment of build-in datafiles is currently designed as the following example of Dictionary explains: (subject to change)

  • Create directory Data/wordlists and move data files into there
  • Create metafiles for data files (optional step)
  • Assure data files (and metafiles) have the following properties:
    • Build Action: none
    • Copy: Copy always
  • Change the PostBuild events to the following code snippet: (note that the assembly name has been replaced by a variable, which is useful for all plugins, even if not using data files)
cd "$(ProjectDir)"
cd ..\..\CrypWin\$(OutDir)
if not exist "./CrypPlugins" mkdir "./CrypPlugins"

del /F /S /Q /s /q "$(TargetName)*.*"
copy "$(TargetDir)$(TargetName)*.*" "./CrypPlugins"

if not exist "./Data" mkdir "./Data"
xcopy /Y /S "$(TargetDir)Data" "./Data"

Disclaimer: It's late. This revision may contain errors :-)

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