Jun 15, 2009, 11:19:34 PM (13 years ago)
Arno Wacker

Enigma: major update

  • Included double-stepping, hence the compatibility to a real Enigma should now be complete
  • Complete rewrite of basic code (old code is uncommented and just for archiving still there; will be removed with next check-in), leading to some speed-up. Improvement still possible.
  • Added a ciphertext-only crypt-analyzer to the plugin. The analyzer follows the algorithm given by James Gillogly in Cryptologia October 1995; Volume XIX, Number 4 (http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/coding/379/gillog1.htm); activate the analyzer by choosing "Analyze" as operation mode.
  • The analyzer still uses only the index of coincidences as the cost function, unlike proposed by J. Gillogly. Improvement for plug-detection is expected when using a specific log-trigraph sum as the cost function.
  • Added four new samples for demostrating the plugin (encryption/decryption/cryptanalysis), including a short description inside the samples
  • The plugin is still work-in-progress and still missing some feature, e.g.
    • no description available yet
    • no quickwatch or presentation available
    • only the 3-rotor "Enigma I / M3" is currently supported, other models are prepared (can actually be selected in the settings) however, the implementation is not done for them, hence the plugin will quit with a controlled error-message.
    • The analyzer only uses one CPU core for the heavy work, i.e. it works strictly sequentially. Since the heavy work is searching through the rotor-space, it could be improved by searching the key space in parallel.
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