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Sep 12, 2010, 12:56:06 PM (11 years ago)
Paul Lelgemann

+ Added introductory description for P2PEditor
o Extended description of KeySearcher to include info about distributed calculation using P2P

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  • trunk/CrypPlugins/KeySearcher/DetailedDescription/Description.xaml

    r1027 r1918  
    2323        The plugin has two IControl interfaces. The first one has to be connected to the algorithm wich should be brute-forced (currently AES, DES or SDES). The second one has to be connected to a CostFunction plugin. The KeySearcher now can control the decryptopn algorithm and uses the cost function to generate an output list of the most probable keys. In the configration bar the user can enter a KeyPattern. This Pattern is a regular expression representing the key space to brute-force. Exampl: 1-1-1-1-1-**-**-** for SDES means that the KeySearcher set the first 6 bits of a SDES key to 1 and changes only the * (* is a wildcard in a KeyPattern). Depending on the connected algorithm the KeyPattern will be set to the default pattern for the algorithm automatically. The second important thing the user can set in the configuration bar is the amount of cores which the KeySearcher is allowed to use.
    2424    </Paragraph>
     26    <Paragraph FontSize="18pt">Peer-to-peer network</Paragraph>
     27    <Paragraph>
     28        This plugin can also be used to demonstrate a distributed attack on any supported symmetric algorithm. To use this feature, enable it in the settings pane by clicking "Use Peer-to-Peer network". The key space will then be equally distributed among participating CrypTool 2.0 instances. Keys are calculated in so-called chunks, whose size you can choose before starting the job. The chunk size specifies the amount of keys calculated in each turn. If you are an experienced user, you can display Peer-to-peer network related information by clicking "Display verbose information". You may find further information about the Peer-to-peer network, how to use it and what it is capable of, in the P2PEditor section. It can be opened by clicking the button with a globe icon labelled P2P in the top pane.
     29    </Paragraph>
    2531    <Paragraph FontSize="18pt">Visualization</Paragraph>
    2733    <Paragraph>
    28         The KeySearcher plugin offers a QuickWatch showing the "Keys per second" and the probable end-time of the brute-forcing. It also shows a list with the best results in decrypting (using the connected cost-function to calculate a value).
     34        The KeySearcher plugin offers a QuickWatch showing the "Keys per second" and the probable end-time of the brute-forcing. It also shows a list with the best results in decrypting (using the connected cost-function to calculate a value). If you enable the Peer-to-peer-based KeySearcher, the visualization will be expanded and display additional information about the distributed calculation and its results.
    2935    </Paragraph>
    3036    <Paragraph FontSize="20pt">Some useful weblinks</Paragraph>
  • trunk/CrypPlugins/P2PEditor/Converters/ConnectivityToVisibilityConverter.cs

    r1619 r1918  
    1919            if ((bool) value)
    20             {
    21                 return Visibility.Hidden;
    22             } else
    23             {
     20                return Visibility.Collapsed;
     21            else
    2422                return Visibility.Visible;
    25             }
    2623        }
  • trunk/CrypPlugins/P2PEditor/DetailedDescription/Description.xaml

    r1527 r1918  
    1 <FlowDocument xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Background="White" />
     1<FlowDocument PagePadding="5,0,5,0" AllowDrop="True" NumberSubstitution.CultureSource="User"
     2              xmlns=""
     3                          xmlns:x=""
     4              xmlns:misc="clr-namespace:Cryptool.PluginBase.Miscellaneous;assembly=CrypPluginBase"
     5                          Background="White" ScrollViewer.VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Auto" ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Auto">
     7    <Paragraph FontSize="22pt">P2PEditor - Description</Paragraph>
     9    <Paragraph FontSize="20pt">Introduction</Paragraph>
     10    <Paragraph>
     11        The P2PEditor is a special editor for CrypTool 2.0 which enables Peer-to-peer features for your CrypTool 2.0 installation. It provides an interface to plugins which can use it for Peer-to-peer related functions. The editor itself allows you to download workspaces shared by other users and provides an interface to upload new workspaces.
     12    </Paragraph>
     14    <Paragraph FontSize="20pt">About the Peer-to-peer network</Paragraph>
     15    <Paragraph>
     16        CrypTool 2.0 includes a version of the peers@play project, a Peer-to-peer framework developed by the Universities of Mannheim, Duisburg-Essen and Hannover. It offers a rich feature set, including bootstrapping, a link manager, different architectures (Chord, FullMesh, ...) and a distributed hash table (DHT). You can find further information in the link section.
     17    </Paragraph>
     19    <Paragraph FontSize="20pt">Getting started</Paragraph>
     20    <Paragraph>
     21        Your CrypTool 2.0 installation is pre-configured and allows you to join the network almost instantly. If you are unfamiliar with Peer-to-peer networks, just click the connect button, otherwise change the settings as needed. Once you are connected (this may take a few seconds), a list will display currently shared workspaces.
     22    </Paragraph>
     24    <Paragraph FontSize="20pt">Active jobs</Paragraph>
     25    <Paragraph>
     26        When you are connected, the "Active jobs" tab will contain a list of all shared workspaces. If you find a job which you would like to open on your computer, perform a doubleclick on it in the list or select it and press the "Participate" button. The workspace will be downloaded and the workspace will be opened using the proper editor.
     27    </Paragraph>
     28    <Paragraph>
     29        The list will also display the status of jobs which are currently running or have been completed and are able to share the status. The status colors have the following meaning: White - no data available; Blue - job has been started, but no status data available; Orange - Some results are available, but the job is still being calculated; Green - job is complete. If you open a green job and start the workspace, you should be able to immediately retrieve the results.
     30    </Paragraph>
     32    <Paragraph FontSize="20pt">New job</Paragraph>
     33    <Paragraph>
     34        If you would like to share a workspace with others users, you can upload one using the "New job" tab. Enter all required fields and select a workspace file. Once you click "Share", your workspace will be uploaded into the distributed hashtable and made available for all other users.
     35    </Paragraph>
     36    <Paragraph>
     37        You can also remove your workspaces from the list. To do this, select your job and click the "Delete" button.
     38    </Paragraph>
     40    <Paragraph FontSize="20pt">Further information</Paragraph>
     41    <Paragraph>
     42        <misc:DescriptionHyperlink NavigateUri="">peers@play project website</misc:DescriptionHyperlink>
     43        <LineBreak/>
     44        <misc:DescriptionHyperlink NavigateUri="">Peer-to-peer in wikipedia</misc:DescriptionHyperlink>
     45    </Paragraph>
  • trunk/CrypPlugins/P2PEditor/GUI/Controls/ConnectTab.xaml

    r1619 r1918  
    77                        <Image Source="..\..\images\disconnected.png" Width="200" />
    88            <Button Name="ConnectButton" Content="Connect" Height="38" FontFamily="Consolas" FontSize="20" Click="ConnectButtonClick" IsEnabled="{Binding IsP2PConnecting, RelativeSource={RelativeSource FindAncestor, AncestorType={x:Type UserControl}}, Converter={StaticResource InverseBooleanConverter}}" />
     9            <Button Name="HelpButton" Content="What's this?" Height="30" FontFamily="Consolas" FontSize="12" Margin="0,10,0,0" Click="HelpButtonClick" />
    910                </StackPanel>
    1011    </Grid>
  • trunk/CrypPlugins/P2PEditor/GUI/Controls/ConnectTab.xaml.cs

    r1917 r1918  
    3232            ((P2PEditorPresentation) P2PEditor.Presentation).UpdateConnectionState();
    3333        }
     35        private void HelpButtonClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
     36        {
     37            ((P2PEditorPresentation) P2PEditor.Presentation).ShowHelp();
     38        }
    3439    }
  • trunk/CrypPlugins/P2PEditor/GUI/P2PEditorPresentation.xaml

    r1619 r1918  
    1414                <controls:ConnectTab IsP2PConnecting="{Binding IsP2PConnecting, ElementName=P2PEditorControl}" />
    1515            </TabItem>
     16            <TabItem Header="About" Name="AboutTab">
     17                <Frame Source="../DetailedDescription/Description.xaml" />
     18            </TabItem>
    1619        </TabControl>
    1720        </Grid>
  • trunk/CrypPlugins/P2PEditor/GUI/P2PEditorPresentation.xaml.cs

    r1634 r1918  
    126126            JobTabControl.SelectedItem = ConnectTab;
    127127        }
     129        internal void ShowHelp()
     130        {
     131            JobTabControl.SelectedItem = AboutTab;
     132        }
    128133    }
  • trunk/CrypPlugins/P2PEditor/P2PEditor.cs

    r1917 r1918  
    115115        public void ShowHelp()
    116116        {
    117             GuiLogMessage("P2PEditor: ShowHelp()", NotificationLevel.Debug);
     117            ((P2PEditorPresentation) Presentation).ShowHelp();
    118118        }
    120120        public void ShowSelectedPluginDescription()
    121121        {
    122             GuiLogMessage("P2PEditor: ShowSelectedPluginDescription()", NotificationLevel.Debug);
     122            ((P2PEditorPresentation) Presentation).ShowHelp();
    123123        }
  • trunk/CrypPlugins/P2PEditor/P2PEditor.csproj

    r1917 r1918  
    8383    <Compile Include="Helper\DistributedStatusUpdater.cs" />
    8484    <Compile Include="P2PEditorSettings.cs" />
    85     <Compile Include="DetailedDescription\Description.xaml.cs">
    86       <DependentUpon>Description.xaml</DependentUpon>
    87     </Compile>
    8885    <Compile Include="Distributed\DistributedJob.cs" />
    8986    <Compile Include="Distributed\JobListManager.cs" />
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