Changeset 1901

Sep 3, 2010, 4:56:06 AM (11 years ago)
Arno Wacker

Nightly (build) bug fixing:

  • MsBuild - CT2 Main.proj: Minor change in output
  • Corrected RegEx used for finding projects within a solution file (until now also virtual directories where detected as projects)
  • Provided a default value of an empty string for ProjectOutputPath in vcx-projects. Without that, everything goes oahah
  • BugFix/Workaround for CollectionGenerator: This is really ugly. in combination with the above two errors, it provides a really deep nesting ground for a 6 hours debugging session..

The problem with CollectionGenerator is, that is converts a number of collections into TaskItems. In an ideal world all input collections must have the same length. Since this was previously not the case, there was simply a check, to look for the shortest collection. However, this can never work, since then the list are no longer in sync, i.e. attributes from one plugin are assigned to others. Since all plugins have similar values for the AssemblyInfo and all the other stuff, this never poped into attention.. until now, since the whole setup process simply did not set version number correctly on the last added plugins. First the two virtual directories made it out of sync and lastly, the fact that nativeCryptography does not return an outputpath.. This part probably needs a clear revision and maybe redesign.

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