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Plugin HowTo:

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    179179With Visual C\# Express the build process is basically the same as with Visual Studio. When opening the solution file, you will receive two error messages. The first is because Visual C\# does not support solution folders and shows all plugin projects as a flat list in the solution explorer. However this is only a visual defect. The second error message is, because Visual C\# does not support unit tests and thus is not able to load the project \textit{DevTestMethods}. Again, this does not interfere with opening, writing, compiling, running or debugging plugins.
     181\section{Downloading the plugin template}
     184Before you can start implementing a new plugin, you will have to download the CrypTool~2 plugin template. The template is located at the CrypTool 2 website at \url{http://www.cryptool2.vs.uni-due.de/index.php?page=33&lm=3}. Save the template zip file in your documents folder in the subdirectory \texttt{Visual Studio 2010\textbackslash{}Templates\textbackslash{}Project Templates\textbackslash{}} (applies to both, Visual Studio and Visual C\# Express). Do not unpack the zip file.
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