Jan 28, 2010, 4:31:53 PM (12 years ago)

P2P stuff enhanced with peersAtPlay certification, so all certificates, which are necessary for using the p2p system will be checked and - in case of doubt - installed in the background before initializing the p2p system.
Furthermore the SimpleSnalNG was banned from the P2PBase, so you can only initialize the p2p system with the newer SnalNG, which supports certificates.

The lib is required by all developers, so I'm adding it explicitly to the repository.

override-bad-extension: opa.vs.uni-due.de.cer
override-bad-extension: pap.cer
override-bad-extension: pap0001.p12
override-bad-extension: ServerCA.cer
override-bad-extension: Bootstrapper.dll
override-bad-extension: Bootstrapper.pdb
override-bad-extension: CertServices.dll
override-bad-extension: CertServices.pdb
override-bad-extension: FullMeshDHT.dll
override-bad-extension: FullMeshDHT.pdb
override-bad-extension: FullMeshOverlay.dll
override-bad-extension: FullMeshOverlay.pdb
override-bad-extension: Gears4Net.dll
override-bad-extension: Gears4Net.pdb
override-bad-extension: LinkManager.dll
override-bad-extension: LinkManager.pdb
override-bad-extension: NetGearsTCP.dll
override-bad-extension: NetGearsTCP.pdb
override-bad-extension: PeersAtPlayBase.dll
override-bad-extension: PeersAtPlayBase.pdb
override-bad-extension: Stun.dll
override-bad-extension: Stun.pdb
override-bad-extension: Util.dll
override-bad-extension: Util.pdb

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