source: trunk/ProjectSamples/VigenereAutokey-Sample02.cte @ 1823

Last change on this file since 1823 was 1823, checked in by Arno Wacker, 11 years ago

Removed deprecated projects from internal solution

  • ANDBinary (replaced by BooleanBinaryOperations)
  • XORBinary (replaced by BooleanBinaryOperations)

Removed MonoalphabeticAnalysis from internal solution (and therefore from nightly build) due to unsuitability for publication

Moved samples to experimental, since they use subworkspaces, which are still considered Experimental

  • Diffie-Hellman-Merkle-Key-Exchange-ManInTheMiddle Attack-Sample.cte
  • RSA-Comparation-Sample.cte

Moved samples from Experimental to default

  • Transposition- and Transposition-analysis samples
  • Vigenere- nd Vignere analysis samples

Added new plugins to internal solution (and therefore to nightly build):

  • AutokorrelationFunction
  • Transposition
  • TranspositionAnalyser
  • VigenereAutokeyAnalyser (can also analyze "standard" Vigenere)
  • WorkspaceManager (new Editor, not ready, but kind of tech-preview)
  • Property svn:mime-type set to application/octet-stream
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