source: trunk/ProjectSamples/P2P-DES-BruteforceManger.cte @ 1157

Last change on this file since 1157 was 1157, checked in by Arno Wacker, 12 years ago


  • Yet another Invoke during a single log message changed into BeginInvoke


  • Removed obsolete signature


  • Added a try-catch when deleting a file. An exception occurs when the file is locked. Clearly, in this case there not much one can do.. the file remains on the disk. Waiting for CStream...


  • Cleanup of IControl interface and general code cleanup
  • Fixed compatibility with KeySearcher - now all three should work again. (However, kind of slow)


  • Updated license

Sample update

  • KeySearcher-Sample-DES.cte, KeySearcher-Sample-DES.cte, KeySearcher-Sample-SDES.cte: Compatibility with IControl changes and slight rearrangement.
  • P2P-DES-BruteforceManger.cte, P2P-DES-BruteforceWorker.cte: Compatibility

New binaries

  • CrypWin.exe
  • AnotherEditor.dll
  • Property svn:mime-type set to application/octet-stream
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