source: trunk/ProjectSamples/KeySearcher-Sample-DES.cte @ 1162

Last change on this file since 1162 was 1162, checked in by Arno Wacker, 12 years ago


  • Removed creation of CryptoolStream for each trial key -> performance boost
  • Re-integrated the usage of only the partial encrypted message for trial decryption (byteToUse). Now the value set in the costFunction will determine how many bytes will be used. This value shall be moved in the future to the KeySearcher settings.


  • Added an extended method for Decrypt to IControlEncryption for usage with bytesToUse


  • Updated for compatibility with IControlEncryption-changes (the new parameter is also used by all three)


  • Updated KeySearcher-Sample-DES to use only 128 bytes for bruteforcing instead of 256 (increase performance a little)

Note: providing a value for bytesToUse smaller than the blocksize of the algorithm used is an error case - not sure if every case is already covered.

  • Property svn:mime-type set to application/octet-stream
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