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Last change on this file since 740 was 740, checked in by Matthäus Wander, 12 years ago


  • changed string Beta 01 -> 02
  • TextBoxHidden now loads its value when loading a project file
  • see #98 for an open issue


  • added sanity checks for == operator and Equals()
  • setting input properties to null in PreExecution (addresses #90)


  • added \t as word delimiter (fixes problem with Enigma-Challenge_II)


  • added null reference sanity check


  • improved PostBuild events


  • added example plugin which serves as plugin template
  • the template is located in Documentation/Template/
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1Place the zip file into the following directory: My Documents\Visual Studio 20008\Templates\Project Templates\
2Then you can select ExamplePluginCT2 as template when creating a new C# project.
4You should select trunk\CrypPlugins\ as location and do not create a directory for solution.
5If you select a different location, you will have to fix the reference to CrypPluginBase.
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