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HowTo: finished second round of thorough editing. Changed up some images, made countless small and not-so-small changes.

Several issues remain unresolved:

  • Developer guidlines != wiki
  • Should we be using American or British English?
  • Figures with German text should probably be anglicized
  • CrypTool vs. CrypTool 2 vs. CrypTool 2.0
  • Abstract claims 115 plugins; I count 90
  • Chapter 1 recommends only VS 2008 Pro but Chapter 2 suddenly speaks of C# Express
  • Copying code from output is difficult due to line numbers and strange extra spaces
  • Watermark can be selected in output
  • Section 2.6.2 contradicts itself in terms of multilingual support / internationalization / localization
  • #region and #endregion should be blue, 'in' should only be in certain cases
  • Custom storage plugin loading does not work.
  • Download/manage plugin buttons do not work.
  • Signed plugins are never explained (Section 2.12.3)
  • The post-build event commands in 2.12.4 have extra spaces around the highlighting in the output
  • Where do you save the workflow image?
  • Property svn:mime-type set to application/octet-stream
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