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2// Written by Peter Golde
3// Copyright (c) 2004-2007, Wintellect
5// Use and restribution of this code is subject to the license agreement
6// contained in the file "License.txt" accompanying this file.
9using System;
11namespace Wintellect.PowerCollections
13        /// <summary>
14        /// A holder class for localizable strings that are used. Currently, these are not loaded from resources, but
15        /// just coded into this class. To make this library localizable, simply change this class to load the
16        /// given strings from resources.
17        /// </summary>
18        internal static class Strings
19        {
20                public static readonly string UncomparableType = "Type \"{0}\" does not implement IComparable<{0}> or IComparable.";
21        public static readonly string ArgMustNotBeNegative = "The argument may not be less than zero.";
22        public static readonly string ArrayTooSmall = "The array is too small to hold all of the items.";
23        public static readonly string KeyNotFound = "The key was not found in the collection.";
24        public static readonly string ResetNotSupported = "Reset is not supported on this enumerator.";
25        public static readonly string CannotModifyCollection = "The \"{0}\" collection is read-only and cannot be modified.";
26        public static readonly string KeyAlreadyPresent = "The key was already present in the dictionary.";
27        public static readonly string WrongType = "The value \"{0}\" isn't of type \"{1}\" and can't be used in this generic collection.";
28        public static readonly string MustOverrideOrReimplement = "This method must be overridden or re-implemented in the derived class.";
29        public static readonly string MustOverrideIndexerGet = "The get accessor of the indexer must be overridden.";
30        public static readonly string MustOverrideIndexerSet = "The set accessor of the indexer must be overridden.";
31        public static readonly string OutOfViewRange = "The argument is outside the range of this View.";
32        public static readonly string TypeNotCloneable = "Type \"{0}\" does not implement ICloneable.";
33        public static readonly string ChangeDuringEnumeration = "Collection was modified during an enumeration.";
34        public static readonly string InconsistentComparisons = "The two collections cannot be combined because they use different comparison operations.";
35        public static readonly string CollectionIsEmpty = "The collection is empty.";
36        public static readonly string BadComparandType = "Comparand is not of the correct type.";
37        public static readonly string CollectionTooLarge = "The collection has become too large.";
38        public static readonly string InvalidLoadFactor = "The load factor must be between 0.25 and 0.95.";
39        public static readonly string CapacityLessThanCount = "The capacity may not be less than Count.";
40        public static readonly string ListIsReadOnly = "The list may not be read only.";
41        public static readonly string CollectionIsReadOnly = "The collection may not be read only.";
42        public static readonly string IdentityComparerNoCompare = "The Compare method is not supported on an identity comparer.";
43    }
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