source: trunk/CrypPlugins/WorkspaceManager/Properties/Settings.settings @ 1892

Last change on this file since 1892 was 1892, checked in by matkovic, 11 years ago

-Fullscreen enhanced
-TextInput added
-Picture scaling added
-Textinput scaling added
-Textinput format command added
-Several style changes
-Progressbar redesigned
-Last log message now appearing
-IControlContainer commenced
-Several icons added
-Plugin state now stored and loaded
-Plugin height and width now storing and loading
-Several misc changes

File size: 688 bytes
1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
2<SettingsFile xmlns="" CurrentProfile="(Default)" GeneratedClassNamespace="WorkspaceManager.Properties" GeneratedClassName="Settings">
3  <Profiles />
4  <Settings>
5    <Setting Name="EditScale" Type="System.Double" Scope="User">
6      <Value Profile="(Default)">1</Value>
7    </Setting>
8    <Setting Name="GridScale" Type="System.Double" Scope="Application">
9      <Value Profile="(Default)">6</Value>
10    </Setting>
11    <Setting Name="FullscreenScale" Type="System.Double" Scope="User">
12      <Value Profile="(Default)">1</Value>
13    </Setting>
14  </Settings>
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