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[2432]1<UserControl x:Class="KeySearcher.KeysearcherSettingsTab"
2             xmlns=""
3             xmlns:x=""
4             xmlns:mc=""
[2516]5             xmlns:d="" xmlns:Properties="clr-namespace:KeySearcher.Properties" mc:Ignorable="d"
6             d:DesignHeight="300" d:DesignWidth="600">
[2432]7    <Grid>
[2516]8        <Image Source="/KeySearcher;component/Images/icon.png" Opacity="0.2"/>
10        <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical">
11            <Label Content="OpenCL:" FontWeight="Bold" />
12            <CheckBox Name="UseOpenCL" Content="Use OpenCL in KeySearcher" IsChecked="{Binding Source={x:Static Properties:Settings.Default}, Path=UseOpenCL, Mode=TwoWay}" ToolTip="Check this to enable the KeySearcher to make use of OpenCL for bruteforcing." Style="{StaticResource ResourceKey=settingsStyle}" />
13            <CheckBox Content="Enable using OpenCL with high load (not recommend)" IsChecked="{Binding Source={x:Static Properties:Settings.Default}, Path=EnableHighLoad, Mode=TwoWay}" IsEnabled="{Binding ElementName=UseOpenCL, Path=IsChecked}" Style="{StaticResource ResourceKey=settingsStyle}" Margin="40,5,0,10" />
14        </StackPanel>
[2432]15    </Grid>
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